Friday, August 28, 2009

Latest Update

Wow it has been wayyyyy to long since I have last updated. Well the last two or three months have been a little crazy. Lots of up's and down's. I know this was a summer is a summer I will never forget. I feel like I have grown a lot and I learned ALOT about myself. First off the trip to New York was amazing. By far one of the best weeks of my life. I went with two really close friends Mary and Lauren, the trip was not only amazing but brought the three of us much closer together. I had forgotten what a true friendship was up until that trip. So that trip in general was a huge positive!
I had a little summer fling, which was also a learning experience. We dated for about 2 1/2 months to long =]. It was doomed from the beginning haha. I did walk away with a little bit of a broken heart but nothing major. I basically came to the conclusion that...if I am not happy with myself how can I be happy with a man? I don't just mean physically I mean mentally emotionally spiritually. All of that. I need be happy with myself before I can even think about giving any part of myself to a man. So that is what I am working on now. I have been writing in my journal daily, I also started a food journal which has really helped. I am working out at between a 3- and 60 minutes a day and last but not least I have decided to become vegan. I am about three days in and I feel WONDERFUL! My body already feels so much healthier and more energetic. Of course this is going to be a hard process but I am determined to conquer this.
I have decided that for the next 90days I will be on a stick no men, no sex no alcohol and no parties. I need to really focus on my future and what matters. This will let me focus on ME. Nothing and no one else but ME. I am hoping to really be able to figure myself out and fix some of my physical and emotional flaws. I have been saying my daily affirmations and I really hoping by the end of these 90 days I will be saying them and whole hearted believing them. Just saying them makes me feel better so I know it's making some sort of difference.
Anyway I am almost down 100 lbs. I have about 2lbs to go and I will have hit 100! It is so crazy for me to think that I have lost that much weight! I am hoping now that I am in this healthy lifestyle the next 50 or 60 with just fly off. =]
The biggest lesson I have learned this summer is, what doesn't kill you only makes your stronger. And I am getting stronger everyday =]
I'll update again soon!

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